, vince! hi, my name is skippy, or skipper!! im single (not looking) and i'm an/a intp-t black chaotic evil autistic aroace mlm :3
byf!! i use cat emoticons :3/>:3 i rlly dont care if u think im cringe, i like doing it lolz X3 i think i rant a lot about my special interests (fnaf, spiderverse, epithet erased, bfdi) etc PLEASE talk to me about them. i will cry.
dfi you/you are racist, genshin fan, dsmp fan (i will bully u relentlessly LMAOO), use they/them on purpose i hate it never do that
i love markiplier, jacknjellify, mac demarco, boys, technology and making dumb stuff, pins, robots, etc
i rlly hate "inniters" goofy asl